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An IKEA SPACE10 Pop-up: Exploring Spaces of Tomorrow

IKEA‘s SPACE10 is opening a pop-up exploring the future of spatial design and the impact of urbanization. Located in London's Shoreditch neighborhood, Exploring Spaces of Tomorrow will spans six days during the London Design Festival. During the six days, SPACE10 will host a series of events that are open to the public exploring topics that range from shared spaces to portable spaces. Check out the SPACE10 website to signup for any number of the events being hosted.

Wang & Söderström for adidas EQT

We've been following the work for Anny Wang for a while and she recently started her own studio, Wang & Söderström, with Tim Söderström. The duo was invited by Swedish retailer Sneakersnstuff to debut their exclusive adidas EQT silhouette. Sneakersnstuff put together a great behind the scenes piece about Wang & Söderström's creative process and creating the campaign for their latest release.

Belmont Hotel by Tractorbeam

Dallas, Texas doesn't exactly connote the idea of a boutique hotel, but that thought has been undone by the work of Tractorbeam for the Belmont Hotel. Originally founded in 1947, the Belmont Hotel is somewhat of a living legend in Dallas. Through various owners, revisions, renovations, and style trends, Tractorbeam sought to return the Belmont to it's original glory with a contemporary twist.

Grotesk for the Converse Chuck '70

Converse and Grotesk have teamed back up for another project. The NYC based artist / designer has been invited to veneer the iconic Chuck Taylor '70, an honor unto itself. The collaboration is available in two original patterns by Grotesk, Night Shift and Darwin was a Baller. The series is exclusively available through the Converse customization channel and there are an endless amount combinations to pick from. From what we've been told, this is going to be available for a limited, so if you were wondering what to do with that tax return, here is your opportunity.

Type tester for F37 Foundry

Finding a typeface today is beyond challenging, every option is every possibility which equates to the burden of choice. We've seen a lot of improvement being able to test words live with different typefaces, but Rick Banks just brought this to a whole new level. Rick of Face37, launched a new website for his type foundry, F37 Foundry with amazing capabilities. The site allows creatives to test typefaces allowing designers to test kerning, tracking, scaling, color, and more.

Kaibosh Eyewear Store by Studio Snask

Studio Snask was approached by Norwegian eyewear brand and retail store Kaibosh for a rebrand, Kaibosh felt they had become a bit boring. With dialed companies like Warby Parker and Oliver Peoples leading the eyewear scene we can imagine that it'd be easy to get lost in the noise. Snask chose a different approach to a rebrand and began the process with copywriting and tone and worked backward from there.

Fenghe Luo's WTF New York City Souvenirs

New York is arguably one of the most loved cities in the World, it doesn't matter if you're a tourist or a native – NYC is the place to be. But anyone who has spent more than a day or two roaming the city knows there are just somethings that define New York that are far from cultural happenings or a shiny skyscraper. Designer Fenghe Luo decided to create a few pieces that capture the less glamours personality of NYC.

Another Fine Mess

Society 6 co-founder Justin Cooper has launched his next project, Another Fine Mess, publishing and producing editioned work from emerging and established artists and designers. Although not a massive departure from Justin's original endeavor in the arts, AFM is focused on creating small amounts of work apposed to mass production.

Shower Beer

Creative studio Snask wanted to create their own beer, but they wanted to approach it a bit differently. Snask created Shower Beer, a petite beer perfect for guzzling while in the shower getting ready before a night out. Aside from absoltley loving a shower beer, we have to admire the branding and packaging Snask put together.

Tan & Loose 2017 Calendar

Wiley and Clay Hickson out of Chicago are back at it with their annual calendar offering. An amalgamation of what the brothers call "12 months of bizarre and underwhelming images". Offered up in your classic spiral bound format, this year's comes in at 12 pages (duh) and is a four color Riso print. It is probably to late to get this by Christmas, but maybe it'll go on sale in January. Visit Tan & Loose for more information.

Preposterous – A short about absurdity

Speaking as the clumsy one in the studio, accidents happen, but the outcome is always somewhat predictable, a dropped glass usually means a broken glass. Florent Porta decided to rethink that in his newest short Preposterous. The short illustrates seemingly obvious scenes that turn out very different than what you would expect and what a delight it is.

Wanted: Defender 90

We spend a fair amount of time admiring well designed things and one thing that we've never been drawn to is the automobile. For the most part cars are sort of just a caricature of smooth and over exaggerated lines, nothing really spectacular. But for us, there is one car that is the pinnacle of all car design and that is the Land Rover Defender. Website Cool & Vintage who specializes in resorting vintage cars recently listed what has to be our dream Defender 90. This 2003 Defender has been rebuilt from the ground up with everything considered from the paint to to the perfectly square quilted leather seats.

Kinfolk Magazine redesign by Alex Hunting Studio

Kinfolk Magazine has always been an advocate for a clean, minimalistic design approach that aims highlights photography and art without distracting the reader. We're guessing that it must have been quite a daunting task when it came to refresh the printed magazine and website for Kinfolk. Without much surprise, it was executed just how we hoped. Kinfolk teamed up with Alex Hunting Studio for the rework out of London.

Plain Pins

We have a special place on our wardrobe for our enamel pin collection, but somedays a kitsch pin just isn't what you need. Plain Pins specializes in just that, plain pins, offering an assortment of geometric and primary colored pins. Created by sisters, Victoria and Sarah, who want to celebrate color and simplicity through easy to wear enamel pins for every day. Plain Pins are made in the UK using hard enamel and gold plating for a little extra flair.

Neue Design Studio for the Norwegian Passport

Perhaps it is because we're in the middle of applying for Global Entry and TSA Pre-check, but wow are the passports in the USA poorly designed. Today we turn to the Norwegian Passport, possibly the epicenter of all things beautifully designed. In February 2014 the Directorate of the Police and The National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS) put an open call to redesign the Norwegian Passport and Neue Design Studio won the competition. The design is arguably exactly what you'd expect for the Norwegian Passport to be, and that is a great thing.