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Stanton Street Sports SS'17 Lookbook

Stanton Street Sports returns with a Spring Summer collection in time for the warmer weather. Working with Berlin-base photographer Roberto Brundo for this editorial, SSS offers up a mix of playful, 90’s inspired graphics across polo hats, t-shirts, outerwear and accessories. The Stanton Street Sports Spring Summer collection is now available at, in-store at Only NY Store at 176 Stanton Street.

NASA – Past and Present by Benedict Redgrove

Photographer Benedict Redgrove unveiled his latest project; Past and Present Dreams of the Future, which has been in the making for the last 6 years. Benedict has spent the better part of the last decade capturing and surveying Nasa tech. Benedict has photographed everything from space shuttle Atlantis, the Vehicle Assembly Building, the Orion Crew Module, Apollo and Mercury era capsules. Benedict has been working in collaboration with Wired UK and the work will culminate with a show coinciding with the launch of the new SLS rocket in 2018.

Leica Sofort

We've been big fans of the Fuji Instax for a while, but that might be changing since Leica has introduced an instant camera. Known for their ridiculously priced and meticulously hand made cameras, Leica debuted the upcoming Sofort, releasing sometime in November. Priced at $300 the Sofort is actually a competitor with the Impossible Project's 1-A. I guess Leica wasn't happy with Fuji and IP drinking their milkshake, and look how much fun these people are having in their promo video.

Bury Me With The Lo On

Photographer Tom Gould unearthed and documented a group of Brooklyn street kids called the Lo Lifes, who had an infinity for the clothing of white, upper-class America, which started a fashion phenomenon. Tom put five years of photography and one year of design into creating Bury Me With The Lo On. Click through for the full story on Tom's new book and a brief history lesson on the Lo Lifes.

The Photography of Mária Svarbová

It is difficult to label Mária Švarbová as a photographer, her images are incredible compositions that could sit in any contemporary painting gallery without question. Mária's newest photo essays, Swimm and Swimming Pool capture bathers in situ with amazing pops of color and typography all against the backdrop of a timeless community pool. We're still battling with ourselves that these are photos and not paintings, so enjoy.

A Guide to Computing

Photographer James Ball was granted access to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park where he captured some of the earliest computers in existence. Ball's photos were then handed off to production studio Ink where they were able to restore the computers via digital retouching to their original form. These images transform these archaic machines and turn them into what look like contemporary sculptures. Ironically, none of these computers have enough memory to store their very portraits.

Jerry Hsu: A Love Like Mine is Hard to Find

Professional skateboarder Jerry Hsu opened his latest photography exhibition over the weekend at HVW8 Gallery in Berlin. A Love Like Mine is Hard to Find sees Jerry documenting daily life and interpreting his environment capturing non-events. Jerry's full time job as a skateboarder offers him a unique look at the world, coupling that with his natural photography skills A Love Like Mine is Hard to Find does not disappoint.

We've seen HUF and OBEY have a fair share of collaborations in the last few years, but the two clothing juggernauts teamed up for a 17-piece collection. Pulling from their respective DIY roots the release will consist of all the usuals; hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. Perhaps stronger than the actual collection, take a look at the photos shot by the Durimel brothers to feature the collaboration.

Benny Gold's Street View

A lookbook is nothing new, we see them season-in and season-out with perfectly composed photographs, but this season we're seeing something new from San Francisco's Benny Gold. We've heard of people tracking down the Google Street View cars and having a parade, but we've never hear of anyone embracing the aesthetic. With the perfect sense of humor, Benny Gold present's his Spring 2016 lookbook through the lens of Google Street View.

Moscow Metro Stations

Growing up in New York and now living in Boston I've come to terms with the fact that subway stations are nothing to be admired. They're places to get hassled by the cops, bums to sleep, and horrible aromas to spawn. I've always heard rumors about the subway system in Moscow, maybe even watched a documentary or two about it. We were fortunate enough to come across David Burdeny's photos of the gorgeous subway stations, we'll let the work speak for itself.

Daily Overview

In the era of Google Maps a photo of Earth doesn't sound too interesting, but NYC based Daily Overview took a new approach to documenting Earth. Inspired by what is called the Overview Affect, Daily Overview posts memorizing images of the Earth's surface like we've never seen. We selected a few of our favorite overview photos, there are much more to see, so let your eyes blur a bit and be prepared to spend a few hours on the Daily Overview site.

Our friends over at ONLY have released their annual Premium Knitwear Capsule collection today, April 29. ONLY works with a family owned and operated factory that has been producing knit garments for over 90 years in the USA. This year's offering is comprised of six pieces including 7.5 oz. cotton henley’s, 9 oz. French terry raglan hoody’s and 10.5 oz. cotton ringer crewnecks. ONLY teamed up with photographer Milo Selchaif to debut the collection.

Andrew B. Myers Photography

Colorful, impactful, obsessive, witty, and fun are all adjectives that come to mind when looking at New York based Andrew B. Myers' photography work. With a grip of commercial clients like American Express, AirBnB, Google, Target, and more, we're impressed how consistent and progressive Myers is able to keep his work.

Joseph Staples / Office Supplies Inc.

Joseph Staples works with found image and photography to create collages and various types of print work. Staples' work focuses on abstraction, based in photography with different representations of the human form. Staples' work has been shown in galleries and museums such as the Vancouver Art Gallery, Equinox Gallery, Wil Aballe Art Projects. He is currently planning his fourth solo show at Malaspina Print in the Fall of 2014.