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Excavation by Wang & Söderström

We've always been fascinated by Wang & Söderström's digital 3D and animation sensibilities, but the duo is back with a ascent into tactile. Their latest project, Excavation, are digitally crafted sculptures made of full color 3D printed bud vases that are joined with molded stone-like pieces. Inspired by the physical process of archaeology, the collection is a perfect merger of digital and physical. Made in collaboration with Unique BoardExcavation is available now for purchase and will start shipping in mid-March.

Wang & Söderström for adidas EQT

We've been following the work for Anny Wang for a while and she recently started her own studio, Wang & Söderström, with Tim Söderström. The duo was invited by Swedish retailer Sneakersnstuff to debut their exclusive adidas EQT silhouette. Sneakersnstuff put together a great behind the scenes piece about Wang & Söderström's creative process and creating the campaign for their latest release.

OK Go: The One Moment

OK Go has been known for their music videos that er on the side of art productions that could be seen in any contemporary art museum. OK Go has just released their newest video for The One Moment that does not let us down and perhaps might be our favorite to date. although their piece for This Too Shall Pass holds a special place for us. We won't do the video any justice trying to recap or explain it, so just hit play after the jump.

FormBox by Mayku

We typically glaze over Kickstarter projects, they're often too good to be true (holy shit, are they the new QVC?). Today we stopped and got stuck on FormBox. Its sort of like 3D printing but you don't need be an astrophysicist to do it, in fact if you can carve a potato you can do this. FormBox is something you'd typically find on a factory floor but its about the size of a laptop, ideal for a home studio. Check out Mayku's Kickstarter to order yours, set to release sometime in Spring of 2017.

Nike: Experiments in Natural Motion

We took a look inside Nike's The Nature of Natural Motion exhibition at Milan Design week yesterday, one thing that we were really drawn to were the footwear experiments on display. Starting with Flyknit uppers, Nike's design team created a collection of aptly named Experiments by placing numerous objects and materials where the outsole would normally go. Far from practical, we're totally obsessed with these sculpture-like objects.