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Conor Harrington: Head of State / State of Head

Hungry Boy Books and legendary painter, Conor Harrington have teamed up for an exciting new painting and print project; Head of State/ State of Head.

This new series of paintings and prints are bit different that the large scale oil paintings and outdoor murals that we are used to seeing from Conor. The series is divided in half, with five blue paintings and five red, the traditional colors of opposing political parties, gang culture, and the corners of boxing rings. From the 10 original paintings a series of 10 prints have been made into a boxset. Each boxset comes a hardback book of the series. Visit Hungry Boy Books to learn more about the project and how to get it.

Another Fine Mess

Society 6 co-founder Justin Cooper has launched his next project, Another Fine Mess, publishing and producing editioned work from emerging and established artists and designers. Although not a massive departure from Justin's original endeavor in the arts, AFM is focused on creating small amounts of work apposed to mass production.

Tan & Loose 2017 Calendar

Wiley and Clay Hickson out of Chicago are back at it with their annual calendar offering. An amalgamation of what the brothers call "12 months of bizarre and underwhelming images". Offered up in your classic spiral bound format, this year's comes in at 12 pages (duh) and is a four color Riso print. It is probably to late to get this by Christmas, but maybe it'll go on sale in January. Visit Tan & Loose for more information.

Kinfolk Magazine redesign by Alex Hunting Studio

Kinfolk Magazine has always been an advocate for a clean, minimalistic design approach that aims highlights photography and art without distracting the reader. We're guessing that it must have been quite a daunting task when it came to refresh the printed magazine and website for Kinfolk. Without much surprise, it was executed just how we hoped. Kinfolk teamed up with Alex Hunting Studio for the rework out of London.

Word. Notebooks: Firework Series

Every Summer around this time we see all sorts of things getting veneered with American Flags to "celebrate" Fourth of July. Today we're relieved to see Word. Notebooks taking the higher road, to commemorate Fourth of July 2016 they've commissioned an impressive collection of artists for their Firework Series; Eric Kenney, Denton Watts, Emma Maatman, Luke Pelletier, and Jon Contino. 

Bury Me With The Lo On

Photographer Tom Gould unearthed and documented a group of Brooklyn street kids called the Lo Lifes, who had an infinity for the clothing of white, upper-class America, which started a fashion phenomenon. Tom put five years of photography and one year of design into creating Bury Me With The Lo On. Click through for the full story on Tom's new book and a brief history lesson on the Lo Lifes.

Victory Journal No. 11

Victory Journal’s newest release takes on the concept of Body & Soul, and how is this might be interpreted globally. It is simple to make the case that the body and the soul are essential to a good athlete, but Victory wants to know what makes a great one? In Victory Journal No. 11 you’ll find stories of the annual buffalo race in Bali, a Farmer family’s Appalachian basketball legacy, ballerina Misty Copeland’s determination to push her form, and more. Pick up a copy of Victory Journal No. 11 here.

And There Will Be Dogs by Jochen Schievink

While hanging out at the Juxtapoz offices we got this gem in the mail from German illustrator Jochen Schievink. And There Will Be Dogs is a 28 page saddle stitched 'zine created by Jochen Schievink and Corners publishing house out of South Korea. In addition to the 'zine it also comes with a large 24" x 36" offset poster featuring Schievink's Spitz Hedonism graphic. Available for purchase through Corners now for roughly $8.50 USD.

Based in Beijing artist and designer Nod Young illustrated this traditional Chinese story titled Journey To The West. Young has been imagining what these characters could look like for over a decade and he has now finally personified them. Each character has a unique story and description, see after the jump. 

Review: Forever The New Tattoo

In deliberating if tattoos and tattooists can present themselves as art and artists, Forever: The New Tattoo brings new language and thought to the often stigmatized reputation of tattoo culture. Matt Lodder explains in the foreword, “Tattoos cannot obviously be bought, sold, and traded like paintings because they are painful, bloody, and laborious to acquire.” Lodder, a tattoo owner and historian, takes contemporary developments in tattooing and places them into historical contexts.