All in Sculpture

Excavation by Wang & Söderström

We've always been fascinated by Wang & Söderström's digital 3D and animation sensibilities, but the duo is back with a ascent into tactile. Their latest project, Excavation, are digitally crafted sculptures made of full color 3D printed bud vases that are joined with molded stone-like pieces. Inspired by the physical process of archaeology, the collection is a perfect merger of digital and physical. Made in collaboration with Unique BoardExcavation is available now for purchase and will start shipping in mid-March.

Kimou 'Grotesk' Meyer X Case Studyo: A Bigger Big Poppa

Case Studyo and Kimou 'Grotesk' Meyer have teamed up to create a new version of the Notorious B.I.G Fuck a Dollar and a Dream sculpture which debuted in 2015. At more than twice the size of the OG sculpture, A Bigger Big Poppa is an edition of 8 pieces and will be available tomorrow, November 28, 2016. Kimou wanted to capture exactly what made Biggie such a unique voice and distinctive stylist; “I wanted to pay homage to Biggie by getting to the essence of his personality,” Meyer says.

Summerland Ceramics

Perhaps it is because we are located in one of eight states that recently legalized recreational marijuana, but we have taken a new interest in the sticky icky. There is a whole new design movement rethinking tie-dye and majestic glass, leading that charge is Summerland Ceramics. Based in Northern California, Summerland's approach to getting lifted is refreshing, we'd proudly display any of their bongs or pipes like artwork. Summerland even debuted an artist series featuring some of our favorites like Ryan De La Hoz and Clay Hickson. And for all of you patriots, all their products are proudly made in the USA.

Cleon Peterson X Case Studyo

Casey Studyo is teaming up with Cleon Peterson for another limited edition sculpture release. Cleon's piece, Balance of Power, is white glazed porcelain depicting his iconic characters struggling for the upper hand. Balance of Power is limited to 25 pieces and comes in a custom silk screened wood box, all hand numbered and signed by Cleon. Case Studyo will be releasing Balance of Power November 3 at 2:00PM GMT, get your alarms set.

The Puff Up Club

Creative studio Moniker created Puff Up Club, an interactive web-based art installation where visitors can collectively fill up a real balloon until it pops. Having spent a good part of day yesterday contributing to Puff Up Club, we can confirm this is extremely addictive. Each balloon is rated on how many puffs and users it took to pop the ballon, the one we witnessed took 12 hours and 2,799.945 puffs by 12,187 people to burst.

Converse debuts the Lovejoy Art Program

Deepening their commitment to the arts Converse has announced their first annual Lovejoy Art Program. The program began a year ago when Converse commissioned 22 artists to create original art to be exhibited at their World Headquarters in Boston. This past Monday Converse put the entire collection, over 40 pieces, up for auction. This first auction will benefit Artists for Humanity, providing underserved youth with exposure and employment in the arts. We have our eye on a few pieces, make sure you get your bids in before the auction closes on May 2, 2016.

Nike: Experiments in Natural Motion

We took a look inside Nike's The Nature of Natural Motion exhibition at Milan Design week yesterday, one thing that we were really drawn to were the footwear experiments on display. Starting with Flyknit uppers, Nike's design team created a collection of aptly named Experiments by placing numerous objects and materials where the outsole would normally go. Far from practical, we're totally obsessed with these sculpture-like objects.

Nike: The Nature of Motion

As Milano Design Week kicks off we are seeing a flurry of exhibitions we wish we were attending. One that has really caught our attention is Nike's The Nature of Motion. Nike invited 10 designs at Milano Design Week to explore Natural Motion through various mediums. “Some works are conceptual — foreshadowing future technologies — and others practical.” The designers include, Lindsey Adelman, Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno, Martino Gamper, Max Lamb, Greg Lynn, Bertjan Pot, Clara von Zweigbergk, Shane Schneck and Sebastian Wrong.

By Parra Top-Up Store

Back in March we got an email from Parra alluding to a pop-up shop coming, sure enough it went down! Ben-G skateshop in Amsterdam is hosting Parra's Top-Up Store which is showcasing Parra's sculptures, homegoods, cut and sew, t-shirts, and more. Top-Up Store opened on March 26 and will run for 10 weeks.

T.SQ Newsstand

Perhaps this has been in the making since 2009, with a few dormant years, but finally, on October 18, 2015, the Juxtapoz x Victory Journal "T.SQ Newsstand" opened in Times Square, New York City. Here are a few of the amazing photos that were captured during the 10 day residency on 44th street and 7th ave. All photos by Brian Kelley.

Janet Echelman: Light as Air

Public art is a massive undertaking, your work is on display for all to ridicule, the paperwork has to be out of control, and what hell is liability insurance? Boston based Janet Echelman not only had to deal with all of that but also a massive engineering feat for her newest work Light as Air. Installed this past Sunday over Boston's Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Light as Air weighs in 10,000 pounds but when installed creates 50,000 pounds of sheer force. We've been admiring Echelman's work at SFO for the last year and a half, so we were excited to see her bring a piece to her hometown here in Boston.

Anny Wang

3D illustration is on the rise and creative Anny Wang out of Copenhagen is a major front runner. Wang creates these dreamy, metallic, pastel, '90s beach-house, psychedelic compositions with a program she discovered in college, MODO. What began as messing about to teach herself 3D modeling, Wang turned these studies into a unique style drawing clients like Opening Ceremony.